Friday, November 11, 2011

The List

Thirty things to do or accomplish by the time I'm 30.  I tried to think about various aspects of present life from parenting to holiday planning.  Some of these are a given.  Some of them are quirky.  Some of them require a bit of an explanation.  All of them are doable. 

1. Have a baby. Go big or go home, right?

2. Finish Aurelia's baby book.  

3. Get an article published.

4. Go to a concert. Yes, I've been to many concerts.  But it's been a few years.

5. Have a glass of wine with Carlee, Anna, Shan, Holly, Emily, and any other Forest Fire ladies. So, maybe it will have to be a root beer.  Or maybe we'll have to wait until after I accomplish goal 1.  Or maybe it will have to be over skype.  But these women need to be a part of any life celebration.

6. Re-memorize the Gettysburg Address.  I did it in high school.  I think it's a good thing to have in my head.

7. Make a life list.  Why stop at 30?  And the life list will be bigger, better, and much more epic.

8. Make something for each of my daughters.  This might be the biggest challenge on the list.  I lack craft.

9. Get 6 consecutive hours (or more) of sleep.

10. Come up with a name for our daughter. 

11. Deliver Christmas cookies to our neighbors.

12. Meet Whitney Phelps for coffee.  Whit is one of my favorites.  She's at law school in Seattle and we've seen each other only a few times.  Putting it on the list makes it more official.

13. Host a Christmas party.

14. Wear leggings. Ok, so it might sound weird.  But I have leggings and I think I can pull them off, but I've been too scared to try.

15. Paint my fingernails.  Another weird one.  I see all these cute blogposts about polished nails.  I have this strange aversion to my nails painted.  BUT, since I can't paint my toenails anymore ('cause I can't reach them comfortably), I'm going to get over my issues and start painting my fingernails and not immediately removing the polish.

16. Finish writing about Switzerland.  Yeah, we went to Switzerland in June.  And I've written about it and not posted.

17. Not use shampoo.  Crunchy confessional: I haven't washed my hair in over two weeks.  I'm doing the baking soda and apple cider vinegar regime.  And my hair feels great!  

18. Finish my blog revamp.  I have a friend working on a blog redesign for me.  Look forward to it's launch soon!

19. Gain 10 lbs.  

20. Lose 20 lbs (or more).

21. Make salt.

22. Take Joey on a date.  I've already planned it.  Now I just need a babysitter.

23. Decorate our home.  We've been here for almost 5 months and I have yet to hang a single picture.  Sure, we've done some projects (and by we, I mean Joey), but we need to make this house home.

24. Go to the cabin.  Preferably while it's snowing.

25. Read an Alison Weir book.  When my grandma died, she left me a lot of her book collection.  This includes 10 books by my favorite historian (yes, I'm a huge nerd).  I have yet to read one of them.

26. Memorize "The Journey of the Magi." By T.S. Eliot.  Seems perfect for this time of year.

27. Get Aurelia to army crawl.

28. Get Aurelia to say or sign something.  I know those two are TOTALLY out of my control.  But why not shoot for the stars?

29. Meet Lisa Sorenson and family.  Lisa and her fam are the closest hydro clan geographically in my little online crew.  We don't make it over the mountains as much as we used to, and when we have, it's been when she's traveling the world.  But we WILL make this meet up happen.

30. Readers choice.  Seriously, make a suggestion.  Keep in mind that I'm pregnant.

And there you have it.  I'll be posting periodic updates as I accomplish goals.  It's going to be a busy few months!


casey said...

If you are looking to make something for each of your daughters, there is an artform called 3D origami. It is where you take small rectangles of paper, fold them a certain way, and stack them together to make something. It sounds weird, but I have found that it is both therapeutic and it is fun to see your model progress. Research "3D origami" in google and you will find pictures of models that people have made. You can also go to and you can find many people there who have made different models. You can also search on youtube and you will find many videos of people explaining how to make certain models.

anya* said...

31. finish the tv series Big Love.

Team Ogborne said...

If you can wear skinny jeans you can totally wear leggings! Go for it!

Nikki said...

I'm thinking that you should also include tackling a recipe you've always wanted to make - something along the lines of Julie and Julia.

Dawn said...

I also have leggings and haven't had the nerve to wear them yet. Hmm - and hate painting my fingernails, but agree with you that since I can't reach my toes's time to do the fingernails (I've done it once recently and that was the first time in a LONG time). I love your entire list and if I think of a #30 for you, I will let you know!! :)

bridget said...

1. Love leggings, so cozy.

2. Which Weir book will you read? Oh the choices!!! Elizabeth is excellent, but long. If you have "The Children of Henry VIII" its fantastic and fast (yes, geeking out w/ you!)

Love your blogging Julie! xxoo