Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Waiting Room

I failed my one hour glucose test.  I hate failing tests.

So now I find myself in the waiting room of Labs Northwest wasting away after 10 hours of fasting, 1 blood draw, and 3 more to go.  That's 3 hours of waiting in this waiting room.  It makes me thankful for the comfy chairs and relaxing ambiance of Gig Harbor Medical Park, the free wireless internet, and Yaya Mary who is babysitting.  And besides the fasting, the glucose drink, and the continually pokes, I'm enjoying some time to myself.  I brought my laptop, a book, my planner, and a list of things to work on.

And I've realized 3 things:

1). Don't skip breakfast.  And don't just eat cocoa puffs.  My thoughts are so jumbled right now.  And I'm all shaky from the suped up kool-aid glucose drink they make you start your day with.  I just googled "google."  It's hard to put together a cohesive sentence or rational train of thought.  I regret all the times in high school when I ran out the door with just a nutrigrain bar before a double period of Mr. Bond classes.  I really think I would have knocked those Henry V essays out of the park if I had eaten a complete breakfast.

2). A lot of people blog about food.  I opened my google reader and quickly minimized it.  That's great that you just found an awesome new pumpkin soup recipe.  I can't read about it right now.

3). I really, really, REALLY do not want to have gestational diabetes.  I doubt anyone does.  But I'm really, really, REALLY excited for Christmas and all the goodies that come with it.  Having to monitor my insulin levels would put a real damper on my holiday season.

And as my thoughts become more muddled, my second blood draw draws closer (seriously, I can't write at all right now.  I apologize for the lack of quality in this post).  I think the next two hours will have to be spent doing something productive like mindlessly surfing the internet, while avoiding websites about food.

I'll update with my results when I have stomach full and my brain back.


Unknown said...

This is very helpful for me. My test is this Friday. I'm looking forward to Christmas foods too...

Ju said...

Make sure you fast before 3 hours before the 1 hour test. They forgot to tell me to do that, and I forgot and drank an eggnog latte with breakfast.

Something New said...

do you know the results yet?

Emily Blair said...

Ugh. I really hope you don't have it either. It wasn't fun during Easter candy season. I can't even imagine it over Christmas. Hoping for good results this time!