Saturday, April 28, 2012


Blog Guilt is much easier to deal with than Mom Guilt.  With Joey gone, my arms are rarely free and my moments are rarely spare.  Things are slowly starting to fall into a routine and hopefully I'll slowly start visiting this little internet space more often.  

But here are a few things in our lives:

Someone is standing!
Someone is smiling!
Someone got to come home for an unplanned, 24 hour visit pre-departure.
PS. My husband is so handsome!

And someone reactivated her IPhone and is actually taking pictures of her kids!

Aurelia and Nono and our new chair.

Get at them beans!
This one is turning into quite the lug.  She's QUICKLY catching up to her sister's size.

Super static bouncing baby. 

Life is full and busy.  But it's also lovely.