Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Returns and Changes

After 11 fantastic days in Washington, I'm back in the heat of El Paso. Apparently it's been in the triple digits here most of the time I was gone! Whoa!
I've mentioned before that Joey and I are all about sudden moves across the country. While in Washington, the wheres and whens of our next step were decided. Stay tuned for details on the exact location and date of our departure. With that said, this blog will be undergoing some pretty severe changes in the next few months. Namely, the subject matter will change, the title will be revised, and it will most likely be password protected. All of this will be explained in the near future. For now, I need to start pricing some stuff to sell on Craigslist and begin the process of downsizing all this stuff that's around me, all the while eagerly awaiting Joey's return home on Friday!