Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting Ready to Give Thanks

Aurelia and I are heading across the mountains tomorrow for some family time and Thanksgiving.  Hopefully the pass will be nice to us.  I know we'll come back with lots of silly stories.  Time with the Anderson side of our family is never short on good food, good laughs, and great reminders of why we have so much to be thankful for.  Plus, rumor has it they're renting a Karaoke machine.  I'm ready to sing some Journey.

Oh, and here's something I'm thankful for.  Aurelia started clapping her hands this week.  She's sticking to a 4-6 month postponed schedule for most cognitive things.  It's funny because she only does it when she's really excited.  I think it's a natural reaction.  AND we *think* she might have said her first word.  Guess what it was?


Mrs. M said...

Mama?! Dada? Hi?

Henry's first was dada...then nana...then mama.

I tried not to take it too hard. :P

Unknown said...

Was it "GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!" As in, I've met a big goal? I mean, she is a Sounders fan, right? Shan