Monday, November 7, 2011

The Big 0-5 and the Big 5-0!

We celebrated two big birthdays in our family this last week.  Our nephew, Jaron, turned the big 0-5 and my lady, Mary, turned the big 5-0.  And we celebrated these two and celebrated them well.

Jaron, affectionately referred to as The Nugget, is the most literal ball of energy ever.  Literal in that he takes everything literally, ball of energy in that he rarely slows down.  For his birthday, Joey and I decided to take him on an adventure full of fun things for a kid on the move.  We started the afternoon at the taco wagon:

Eating from the wagon in the back of the wagon.

Then we headed over to the Tacoma Children's Museum for Free Friday.  Both kiddos had a great time playing.

Here's Aurelia thinking ON TOP of the light box.  Great exercise for a VI baby.

Jaron loved the marble shoot.

And discovering dinosaurs.

I love running into friends unexpectedly, one of the great things about living back "home".  Aurelia and Ella are a month apart and haven't met yet.

We ended the day at Jubilee Cupcakes in Proctor.  I called four cupcake places trying to find a soy free option for our super soy allergy birthday boy.  Jubilee came through!

The next night, we celebrated Mary's 50th birthday.  Mary is my step-mom. . . but I really don't like that word.  Maybe it's partly because I don't want to feel like the red headed step child, or maybe it's just that Mary deserves a label free from any sort of negative vibes.  Somewhere along the line, I started calling her my lady.  Dad and Mary got married when I was 17, and they have a beautiful love story that I'll have to share at some other time.  I feel so blessed to be able to call her part of my family.  If you know this woman, you know that she is premium and you're probably jealous that I get to be related to her.

For Mary's birthday, Dad went all out planning a birthday bash.  Food was provided by Hole in the Wall BBQ (having family that can cook is pretty amazing).  I made a "yearbook" for all the guests to sign.  Friends and family came from all over to celebrate.  And of course, there was a lot of dancing.


Avery, very fun age range dancing to Footloose

Yes, and even pregnant ladies can dance to YMCA.  Although I have to admit I had a hard time doing the macarena, that jump and turn was a little much (and probably hilarious to watch).

Me, the birthday lady, sister-in-law K-Lyn, little sis Al
I love everything about this photo.

And it's so great having parents that are in love.

And siblings.

And more siblings.

And to be in love too.

Doesn't The Hawk look dapper in his Afghan jacket?  And the mustache, he definitely had that in our family Christmas photo we had taken early that day. 

Just have to point out that Nikki is due a little over a month after me with twins, girls #4 and 5.  

Dad pulled off a great party.  Everyone kept telling Sarah and me what a great job we did planning, but we didn't do anything besides show up, eat, and dance the night away.  So much fun celebrating our lady!

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Unknown said...

What fun events! Um...the kids looked cute but you look great in that photo eating tacos in the back of the car. And you ran into Felicia! Holly told me that but I didn't really catch on. I thought maybe I misunderstood her and she said it as a side to another conversation. Anyway, nice jacket Joey. It looks high-fashion. I just updated my blog finally. There is much more to come as I "get the ball rolling" again. Ok. Love. Shan