Monday, September 19, 2011

Notice anything different?

Have you noticed anything different in recent photos of Aurelia?  Maybe a missing piece of headgear?

 While the helmet was very cute, and The Hawk did find some interesting uses for it. . . 

. . . we are thrilled to be rid of the it!

In all honesty, she wasn't done with the treatment.  But we were so finished with it.  The beginning of the end started with a double ear infection coupled with a heat rash.  She got 5 days of helmet free time to get rid of the rash, and it was magical.  Not only could I snuggle and kiss my baby without that silly piece of plastic getting in the way, but Aurelia started rolling from side to side and tolerating tummy time a tiny bit more.  We realized that the helmet might be hindering some development.  Then came the appointment when her orthotist mentioned the words "second helmet."  After six months, Baby A had grown out of Helmet A.  Helmet B was just not in the cards for us.  I mean, I put so much work into decorating Helmet A.  And we were pleased with her initial progress. . . but she wasn't making much progress past the first month in the helmet.  

Scan #1 in 2/2011.  Her CVA measured 20mm

Scan #2 in 9/2011.  Her CVA measured 10mm

Just for reference, a typical CVA is 0-4mm.  Aurelia went from 20mm to 12mm in the first week.  Then she hung around 10mm for the next 5 months.  I think she's really around a 7 or 8 right now, and there is still a chance that it might round out some more on it's own.  She was at the point where the treatment was considered cosmetic (under 11-12) which in my book equals optional.  Her facial features and ears are completely symmetrical.  She's not at risk for her head pushing against her brain too much anymore (poor little lady, pressure from the inside and outside).  And since she is a girl, hopefully she'll always have a nice head of hair to cover her misshapen little noggin.

Now the question is what to do with the helmet? And is it possible to smother her with kisses?  Poor little kid is always getting smooched on her bald, little head.


The White House said...

congrats!!! way to go little lady!!!

Dawn said...

I love the last picture - so sweet of the two of you! I'm glad she is helmet free and that it seemed to do it's job. Good job, Aurelia!