Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aurelia's Newest Accessory

Plagiocephaly, yet another word I hadn't heard of before having our baby.  Add it to the list of hydrocephalus, torticollis, septum pellucidum, corpus callosum, cortical visual impairment, and optic nerve hypoplasia (which she does not have).  My medical vocabulary is growing.

Plagiocephaly means flattened head.  It most commonly occurs when a baby sleeps or lays in the same position.  Aurelia has never liked resting on her shunt, meaning the left side of her head is quite flat.  Luckily, this problem has a fairly easy, absolutely adorable fix:

She's smiling now, but the initial transition was ROUGH!  It didn't help that they cut the ear gaps in the wrong place.  Bless her pointy little head.  This pink helmet is a temporary fix.  I have something much more exciting planned for the real helmet, stay tuned.  

I took a birds-eye before shot of her flat little noggin.  But the camera is in the car and it's raining too hard.

In other news, our days have been filled with 6 month follow-ups.  We've seen her pediatrician and her neurologist already.  We still have endocrinology, genetics, GI,  and neurosurgery to go.  And weekly physical therapy sessions have commenced (including daily homework).   She also has a big assessment on Friday with a therapy place that has a few more specialists.  It's a busy time in the Hawkin's Household!


The White House said...

what an adorable little gal!!!!!!!! keep those pictures coming girl!!! thanks for the update!


GramE said...

I'm thinking you could really dress that thing up. I could see flowers or flaminoes even...

Sherry E

Courtney Dey said...

Sorry the transition was so rough, Julie! But she's darling, and I'm sure you're doing to have fun with it! ; ) We did.

Nat said...

Oh my goodness is she cute! Those cheeks and that smile! That helmet is adorable too! :)

Jacob and Carlee Loya said...

had a dream about you last night - thinking a lot about you right now & this 6 month time. So excited for the growth you're seeing in her eye contact & connection. That's unbelievable!!! Please keep us updated on how these 6 month appointments go - sure thinking about you. xoxoxox

jon said...

Sweet baby girl! I love her smile, she is so beautiful. Praying for you guys as you are going to all of her appointments and for Aurelia. Blessings to you.

I appreciate how the helmet accentuates those sweet cheeks of hers.

Miss you guys and hope to see you in the nearer future.


Anna, also known by some as Nong said...

Oh how that girl can rock a helmet. She is amazing. Thank you for the update. I love to see that smile of hers.