Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is this the same baby?

Aurelia turned 6 months old yesterday and I turned 29.  Yep, my birthday is Lady Hawk's half birthday.  For my birthday gift, Aurelia only woke up once in the night (best gift ever!).  I feel like a new woman today.  I think I had forgotten what 5 hours of sleep felt like.  And I cannot believe how fast our little love bug is growing up!  It's so hard to think back to that fragile little baby with a very large head in the NICU.  Now she is so full of life and joy!  When I look at old pictures, I can't help but question whether the baby I'm holding is the same baby I'm looking at.  A lot can change in 6 months.  

I can't wait to watch her change and develop more over the next months and years.


Jen Green said...

was a beautiful baby girl!!! Happy birthday to you and 6 months to your little darling. What a little big blessing!

Dara said...

she just has the BEST smile!

Jan Leigh said...

Thanks for the update. She is beautiful. Love that smile!! Happy Birthday, Julie! We want to meet her when we get back from our 8 month RV April.