Thursday, November 4, 2010

It could have been worse

I've heard many friends speak of moments of bleary eyed postpartum craziness, but I had no idea it would be this bad.

A week ago, I went to Nordstroms to pick up something I ordered.  I thought I was being so on top of things, using a gift card to order something online with in-store pick-up to save on shipping.  But when the lady behind the desk asked for my id, I was shocked to find that my driver's license was gone.  Not only was it gone, I couldn't remember the last time I had used it. . . Actually, the last time I had used it was on our way to North Carolina a month earlier.  Oh, and although I haven't lived in Texas for three years, my license says otherwise.  Needless to say, I didn't think I was ever going to see it again and was anticipating a drive test to get a Washington license.  But when I got home that night, my license was in my mailbox.  Apparently it found it's way all the way back to LeTourneau where the mail center tracked down our current info.  And now getting a Washington license is way up there on my to do list.

Then on Tuesday, I was excited to get a quick hour away to run some errands.  The Simlers had my little lady and I knew I'd get everything done in half the time.  But first I had to get out of the driveway.  I backed our new Jetta into our old Subaru (this would be the Outback that Jeremy and Kristalyn sold to us that we sold back to them).  Yep, I ran into my old, parked car.  The cars are both a little scratched, but it's not that bad.

And finally yesterday I got a phone call from the office at our apartment informing me that someone had turned in my checkbook which had been on the ground in the parking lot.  This one is confusing as I never take my checkbook out of my purse.  It must have just fallen out.  But no checks were missing and I'm glad I lost it where I did.

Today I am thankful for little bits of grace.  I'm thankful that my postpartum forgetfulness is something I can shake my head about and nothing more serious.  I'm thankful that it could have been a lot worse in all of those scenarios, but it wasn't that bad.  And I'm praying that these little moments are not the signs of more serious things to come.  I'm hoping that losing a license, checkbook, and hitting a parked car are the peak of this madness.  Basically, I'm just hoping and praying that I don't leave my daughter somewhere on accident. 


jonatron said...

I won't mind if you forget her with me - I'd remind you eventually!

Alicia said...

I literally don't remember the first few months of Jeremiah's life. Thank goodness for photos and videos. (and kind strangers who've 'got your back' when it comes to little mishaps) Hang in there, you'll get your brain back!

Jacob and Carlee Loya said...

AAHHHH!!!! ok, i'm laughing outloud. "Yep, I ran into my old, parked car." JULIE!! What a week! Hey, if your child is getting fed & you're getting a shower at least once a week, you're doing great. thankfully your single-mom-ness is only brief. love you friend, thanks for making my afternoon.

Erika said...

I'm with Alicia, I am proud of you for jotting these down, because I know I had these things, but can't recall a single one. It's grace certainly. ;)

Levi and Betsy said...

Thanks for sharing this! It made me laugh. Give that beautiful little girl a kiss for me!

Dawn said...

*Laughing* - thanks for sharing - I can relate, but like Erika, I can't remember specific memories to share! Glad you are doing well in spite of just a little craziness. xoxo