Friday, November 12, 2010

Neonatal Follow-up

Last week Aurelia had her first Neonatal follow-up appointment.  The purpose of this appointment is to take an in depth look at her growth, development, and our family well being.  We meet with physical therapy, a nurse practitioner, the director of the clinic, and a social worker (in the future we'll add an occupational therapist, a developmental pediatrician, and a speech pathologist to that line up).  She'll have these appointments from time to time over the next several years to make sure she's seeing all the right doctors and specialists.

Let me start by saying, as I've said many times before, I LOVE our doctors at Mary Bridge and Tacoma General.  They are so caring and attentive.  I always feel that they take a personal interest in the health and well being of my little family.  There has only been one specialist that I wasn't a huge fan of, but it was more due to difference in personality than any issue with the level of care provided (and I have the option of taking Aurelia to a different specialist if I want to).  I've never felt like a number, a paycheck, a nuisance, or any other negative doctor/patient stereotype.  The reason I mention this is because I firmly believe that if you don't like your doctor, you should find a new one.  I have many friends that decide to go a more natural route when it comes to their medical care, and that's fine with me as long as it's done with the right attitude.  If you have a doctor that makes you feel like you're on an assembly line, don't assume that all doctors will treat you that way.  And that's my little bit of a soap box moment for this post.

With that said, this appointment felt a little like the doctors were on an assembly line for us.  We spent the morning in a private room and met with each person individually.  Aurelia did so well and everyone was very impressed with her.  She was pretty worn out after physical therapy, but besides that she was quite the trooper.  She passed all of her little milestones, although they would like her to start physical therapy to help strengthen her neck.  She definitely favors the side without the shunt, and we would like to address that before it becomes a more serious problem.  We also found out that she will most likely need helmet therapy when she's a little older as her head is a little pointed.  The nurse practitioner was very encouraged that although her head is misshapen, her facial features are all very symmetrical and don't seem to be affected by her head shape.  Bottom line, she's adorable.

The good news is that we are now on a two week break from any appointments!  She has her 3 month check up, opthamalogy, and another neonatal follow-up coming up in the next two months.  Then we have a break until her 6 month appointments.  It's just nice to not be at Mary Bridge every week.

The even better news is that she weighed in at 8lbs 9oz.  Yes, that is still itty bitty.  And yes, she is still in newborn clothes (at least for a few more days).  BUT that's a 10 ounce weight gain in one week!  We'll take it!

I have to admit that I feel exhausted right now.  I've heard this is common for mothers and I'm not too worried.  But I'm anxiously awaiting the day when Baby Hawk consistently sleeps longer than 2 hours at a time.  The nights she sleeps 3 hours at a time feel like heaven.  I keep repeating the mantra, "This too shall pass."  I look forward to feeling like my thoughts are more cohesive and my writing is less jumbled.  In the mean time, I'll enjoy that she is so precious and little, even if it's through bleary eyes and words that don't make sense.


Dara said...

"bottom line: she's adorable"... well said! :) makes me smile.

Erika said...

Oh Julie! So wonderful, what answers to prayer...such a trooper she must be.

Anna, also known by some as Nong said...

Thank you thank you thank you for keeping us updated on Aurelia's progress. I am so glad to hear she has gained weight so quickly. I love you guys so much. You're all adorable.

Jacob and Carlee Loya said...

i agree with 'also known by some as nong' - you're all adorable. what a lucky baby to have the best parents in the world. and never underestimate the power of your faithful & positive energy in her little life. you're amazing! xo

Sarah said...

"If you have a doctor that makes you feel like you're on an assembly line, don't assume that all doctors will treat you that way."

I actually wrote a post on Live Journal a couple weeks ago about this, after someone on my facebook started posting about how doctors are only after money, and will spend as little time with you as possible and do the most expensive procedures in order to make as much for the least amount of time. I hate that attitude. I have always been so happy with my doctors, and I'm glad that you have been happy with yours, too. That makes such a world of difference!

Glad to hear that Aurelia is doing well, and the poop story mentioned above is HILARIOUS!!!!! Definitely something to remember for many years to come!

Jenne said...

great to hear about the weight gain! :) and less time at the hospital!!

Kristy said...

It feels great to be so loved by all the specialists doesn't it? I am so glad to hear A's doing well. I always leave the clinic specialists appointments with great relief knowing L's doing alright and on target and we just need to do therapy on this or that! Glad you have a break til next time!