Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting into a routine

Has it really been three weeks since my last update?  It's not for lack of material.  I'm struggling with lack of time.  Like most new parents, I find myself constantly asking, "Where did the day go?"  With Joey back on rotation and gone until December, Aurelia and I are settling into our routine.  Of course, our routine includes frequent trips to Mary Bridge Health Clinic to see all her specialists along with diaper changes, late night feedings, cuddles, and all the other newborn joys.  I am very happy to report that most of her lab work and examinations have come back normal so far!  We are waiting for results from genetics, her endocrine report came back normal, and her neurosurgery follow-up was a breeze.  After our neonatal follow up next Tuesday, we have a bit of a specialist break until her 4 month appointments and her opthamology appointment.  In the meantime, we're enjoying lots of precious moments like these:

Such Sweet Smiles!

Cuddles with Uncle Jeremy

Pumpkin patch with cousins Karis and Jaron

My little 7lb 15oz pumpkin.

As we get used to our day to day routine, I hope to be able to update and post more.  I finally got around to ordering birth announcements, so I'm a little behind in general.  But, as always, it's my goal to be better at letting people know what's going on in the Hawkin's Household.  Right now our two biggest prayer needs are that she would continue to pack on the ounces and that her neonatal follow up will go well (more on the details of that later).  11:15 PM is way too late to be up these days!


jonatron said...

I love it. Can't wait to gets me some more Aurelia time

Jan Leigh said...

It is soooo normal to wonder where the day went when you are a new parent. I used to think I was doing well if I could get showered and out the door to do ANYTHING by 11:30 in the morning and sometimes it would be mid-afternoon and I wouldn't have hit the shower yet. Babies take a lot of time...24 hours a day. Love the new photos.

Alicia said...

What a sweetie! I love her smile!!

My favorite thing about being a new parent is that everyone schedules things at 8 or 9 am because they think you are already up and able to get out the door by then, but really you can't even begin to think about leaving the house until around noon!