Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Walk Success

I've been stalling on writing this post because I'm supposed to receive our official team picture from the Walk headquarters.

Let me start by saying a HUGE thank you!  Thank you to all of our walkers.  Thank you to our virtual walkers.  Thank you to those who supported us both financially and with well wishes.  I am so happy with Team Hawk, which you are all apart of to some extent.

Our team raised over $3000 with contributors from all over the world.  Not that it's a competition, but we were the 5th ranked team out of 45!  We had over 30 walkers total including 17 at the actual event.  Our whole team walked the full 5K and enjoyed a beautiful day at Magnuson Park in Seattle.

The Seattle Walk was the largest inaugural walk the Hydrocephalus Association has had with over 500 walkers.  The current Seattle Walk total is over $66,000 with more coming in until September 1st.

Again, thank you all for letting me post and push this little agenda of mine.

Fun little fact: We ran into one of Dad's friends from Gig Harbor who was volunteering at the walk.  He said that he had read an article in the News Tribune about a little girl with hydrocephalus and decided to volunteer for the walk.  Well, of course that article was about our little girl and was written by Kristalyn!

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