Monday, August 31, 2009


We assumed that the consumer juggernaut that is Dubai would not be strictly observing the Ramadan fast while we were there this weekend.  We were wrong.  Every cafe, restaurant, coffee shop, and fast food chain is closed until 6:30 PM during the holy month.  Well, almost.  There are a few places that are open, but it all feels a little sneaky and shady.  Walking to the back alley entrance of the severely overcrowded Lime Street Cafe, following signs reading "Open during Ramadan!" that took us down flights of stairs and behind a dividing wall into a cute French cafe; as Anna L. would say, dark.  

Strangely, a few places in mall food courts were open.  We bought a shawarma at a Turkish place, handed over in a stapled shut to go bag.  Our options were to get a $10 taxi back to our hotel, eat in the bathroom at the mall, or sneak our food into matinee of Funny People.  The movie was good, the food was sinfully delicious. 


The White House said...

Good choice on the Matinee. Mall bathroom.... not so much!

Erika said...

It must be so fun to try all those foods! Wish I could taste it, and I'm guessing having to be sneaky made it even more tasty.

Kristalyn said... guys make me smile!-were there many people in the theatre?