Thursday, August 27, 2009

Election Day!

We were all psyched up for election day.  To be honest, we weren't really worried.  Everyone expected that there would be some explosions and unrest in different parts of the country, and regrettably this was true.  However, in our neighborhood it was extremely quiet.  We enjoyed a relax weekend of sleeping in and drinking lattes on the porch.

From Election Day

The question was asked, "If the majority of Afghans cannot read, how do they read the ballots?"  Great question Dynamic ladies!  It is quite true that the literacy rate in Afghanistan is very low, making voting very difficult for the majority of the country.  To solve this issue, each candidate is assigned a logo which is advertised on all of their campaign posters.  Logos are simple and recognizable; teapots, wheat, motorcycles.  When voters went to the poll, their ballots had the name of the candidates with corresponding logos.  Thus solving the illiteracy issue.

From Election Day

We are still awaiting the results of the elections.  With over 40 candidates, no winner will be declared unless a candidate wins over 50% of the vote.  If there is no majority winner, a run off election will be held in October.  And in the midst of all the claims of fraud, it's predicted that a clear and valid winner won't be determined for quiet awhile.  An initial pronouncement stated that Karzai (the incumbent) was leading by a hair in the 10% of the votes that have been counted.  Both Karzai and the other lead contender, Abdullah Abdullah (nope, not a typo), have already declared themselves winners with the majority of the vote.  But for now, we'll just have to wait and see.

From Election Day

For me, one of the greatest things about election day was seeing the indelible ink on the fingers of friends.  I was encouraged that all the Afghan women I have talked to in the last two weeks had purple finger nails they showed off with pride.

From Election Day


Kristalyn said...

sweet sauce-fun to see pics and life and your writing and hmm...what symbol would I use if I were running for prez??!

grayson said...

hey ...

tis i ... tehan. finally found your blog. damn. that took much longer than i had anticipated. however ... big news. i am engaged. my sister is too. when it rains it pours. i am currently writing on my old blog address. if you forgot { }. i don't have the facebook thing any longer ... so hopefully i can communicate via blog and e-mail. i miss you all and think of you often!!! i'm excited about my new window into your life.

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