Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The India and Nepal Edition: Places: Nepal.

I live in a brown place.

From New Album 10/16/08 2:26 PM

So when I landed here:
I was a little overwhelmed.

Several people warned me that Nepal can be one of those places that captures the heart.  The scenery is striking.  The people are exceedingly friendly.  The food is tasty.  There is a lot to like about Nepal.  After five days in Kathmandu, I feel like I didn't even scratch the surface.  It's such an interesting place filled with trekkers and sherpas, a mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism, traffic jams and power outages, old and new, east and west.  With a new Maoist government, Nepal is in a definite and defining time of transition.  And it seems to be thriving.  The tourism industry has taken off.  The country is safe and stable.  Despite the poverty and pollution, people are hopeful for the future.  It's amazing what peace can do.
One of the issues that I have struggled with throughout my blogging career is describing places that have to be experienced.  How can I convey sights, smells, sounds and tastes?  Places like Kathmandu are a complete sensory experience.  To fully understand Nepal, you'll have to see it for yourself.  But some pictures might be a good start.


C said...

That's beautiful!

Dawn said...

i want to go to nepal...the pictures are awesome!