Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Road Trip

Joey and I went to a marriage seminar at our church last Saturday.  This is the first time we've done anything like this.  Well, that's not entirely true.  We had fantastic pre-marital counseling with very wise friends.  But in the last 8.5 years, this is the first "marriage" event we've been too.  And I'm so glad that we went.  I don't mean that in a cry for help way.  I mean that in a marriage is hard work and sometimes it's nice to get ideas and help on how to cultivate and communicate way.

And after spending 6 hours working on our relationship, we thought that we'd put all our skills into practice by taking an 8 hour road trip.  No, we didn't drive to California.  We stretched what is usually a 2.5 hour drive to the family cabin into an 8 hour drive in the snow.  And all I can say is that it was terrible and wonderful and so worth it.

Terrible: Apparently the WSDOT couldn't keep up with the abundant supply of snow and growing demand for plowing.  When it took us an hour to drive about a mile the quote from The Fantastic Mr. Fox came to mind, "This is going to be a total cluster-cuss for everyone."  Other movie quotes that came up during this ordeal were, "Damn, I'm in a tight spot," and "That did not pan out."  (Kuddos to those that can name those films).  You know that expression about watching a train wreck and not being able to look away?  Well, we were literally watching car wrecks; cars slipping and sliding into banks, into each other, almost into my husband as he put chains on our car.  It was when the driver of a Geo Metro skidded past us as Joey was getting back in the car said, "If I can just get going up this hill, I think I can make it," that we decided to turn around and take a much longer route to the cabin.  And so back down the mountain we trudged, and then back up another two mountains we ventured (Snoqualmie Pass and Blewett Pass).  Both of these passes were fairly clear of snow and traffic.  And at 11:30 PM we finally arrived.

Wonderful: I've mentioned this a few times before around here, but it's worth saying again and again: I sure do love my husband.  First, he was a champion driver through some of the worst winter conditions and traffic I've ever seen.  He handled it all in stride, but he also had just the right amount of caution.  He knew when to turn around.  And for a mama with another one on the way, knowing my husband is a smart and safe driver is pretty priceless.  Second, he's my favorite person to spend time with, even if it's 8 unplanned hours in the car.  And I'm not just saying this because we were just at a marriage seminar.  We had a really great time together.  It helped that our daughter fell asleep at her normal bedtime and slept the rest of the way.  It was also quite wonderful to arrive to a warm cabin thanks to our friends that headed up pre-traffic and pre-snow.  It's great having friends that love our family.

Reading time with Uncle Juan

Yes, I've become one of those parents who shamelessly posts pictures of their adorable child. 
Baby Hawk loves Uncle Z

Worth It: I love the cabin.  I love it when it's beautiful and sunny.  I love it when it's rainy.  I love it when there are mosquitos.  I love it when there is no one else at the lake.  I love it when it's crowded.  I love it when it's snowy.  My dad built the cabin the year I was born.  It holds a very special place in my heart and for my family.  But there are times when the cabin is really magical:

This picture doesn't even look real.  
Little Pandiani Panda
This is our Eddie Bauer ad.

This trip to the cabin was absolutely worth the headache it took to get there.  And I know, it might not have been the smartest decision to brave the elements entering my 36th week of pregnancy.  There were lots of jokes about just needing hot water and towels.  And worst case scenario, I was born at Wenatchee Valley Hospital. . . maybe it would've made sense for our second child to be born there too.  I got my wish of a preferably snowy trip to the cabin before my 30th birthday and can now mark it off the list!


Nate Todd said...

Great pictures and post Julie. It makes me so happy that we've been there and met the people in the pictures. Love you guys.

Cynthia Chessman said...

SO loved this post and the fabulous photos. Love you guys!!
Cynthia Chessman

Anna, also known by some as Nong said...

I loved this blog. Everything from the cluster cuss/ admittedly questionable decisions, to the to die for pics of Baby A. I will never get enough of that face. I am so glad you guys made it safely and that it ended up being such a good time. Gah I miss you.