Monday, May 30, 2011

Recently. . .

We've been busy lately.

We took the train . . .

. . . to Portland.

Lots of Stumptown, Powells, and food carts.

And then the Todds came to visit and to celebrate their 30th birthdays!  We lived next door to the Todds in Texas (the first time we lived down there).  I think we had dinner together four nights a week.  The other three nights a week we were probably in class or working.  We haven't seen each other in four years, but some friendships are so easy to simply pick up where we left off.  They are some of our favorites and it was too much fun having them here.

Tides for Nate's birthday
The Crab Pot for Dara's birthday
We spent some time at the cabin.  I love that place.

And besides that, we've been looking at houses (yep, homeownership appears to be in our near future), preparing for Switzerland, enjoying the few sunny days, and being negligent with things like blogging.  

Quick Aurelia update:
We've had a few appointments here and there over the last few weeks.  She still isn't growing, and she's also struggling to gain weight.  She's been hanging out around 15 lbs for quite awhile now.  We're doing some different things to help her gain like adding formula to her solid food to up it's calories.  She is not a fan of the formula, but she's slowing getting used to it.  She's also taking iron supplements because her most recent blood tests reflected that she was anemic.  BUT despite these "setbacks", she is a happy baby.  She's moving forward (not literally).  She even rolled over from back to tummy on her 9 month birthday!  Way to go Aurelia!  We are so proud of our little lady!


MIscha said...

As a big fan of Team Hawk, I really look forward to the updates and I was stoked to hear about the recent roll over!
I'm 99.9% sure you already know this (you could probably take your board certification for a MD by now) but as a life long anemic, I only learned a couple years ago that you can't take iron within 3 hours of food with calcium (natural or supplemental). The two elements have opposite charges so they cancel each other out. It's best (if possible) to take with some type of acid- orange juice being the easiest.
Peter and I just got back from a great trip to Budapest and Germany. I hope you have an awesome trip to Switzerland!!!

Lisa said...

Looks like you have been up to some fun!

Aurelia is such a doll!

When is your big trip?