Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our New Roommate

We have a new roommate in our little hospital corner.  She's cute as a button, loves to snuggle, and is snoozing away in her crib.

Yesterday we met with our neonatologist, case manager, and a nutritionist to go over goals and milestones we need to meet before Aurelia can come home.  One of the big things that she needs is well established feedings.  Although we will be spending lots of time at doctor's offices over the next few days/weeks/months years, our neonatologist summed up the basics of neonatal care by saying, "As long as she can breath, eat, poop, pee, and keep a healthy temperature, she can go home."  We've met most of the other milestones (temperature has been iffy, she's always a little chilly).  But she was having a hard time with feeding because she doesn't take a bottle well and only breast feeds.  Since it's hard for us to constantly be in the ICN area or be "on call" for feedings, the decision was made that our daughter could room in with us.  Technically, she's still in the ICN, but our little neck of the woods outside of the ICN.  It's one step closer to going home, and we are thrilled!

If all goes well with her blood sugar and labs, we've been given a departure date of approximately 48 hours!  Giving praise and praying that she'll continue to makes these remarkable strides towards going home!

Papa Pandiani was excited to finally get to hold his granddaughter:

Please pray for her tomorrow as she has a MRI and an ophthalmology appointment.  She did great in her first physical therapy appointment and was only given a few things to work on.  And she passed her hearing test with flying colors!


Autumn said...

Amazing!! I am so thankful for such great answers to prayer! She is such a trooper, so proud of her and you guys!

Autumn said...
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The Gores said...

Yay such great news! Love it. That is one happy Papa. Enjoy your time with her. Heres to happy feedings and bustin her out of the Hosp.

Levi and Betsy said...

Great news! What a little trooper. We just can't get enough of those pictures. We've sat and just smiled at them all so many times. She's just beautiful! Love you guys. :)

Jenne said...

Oh, Julie, I'm so happy to read all the good news on your blog! What a delight to have her in the room with you! Praying for her continued progress.