Friday, April 9, 2010

Going Public

I've had several people ask me if I've abandoned my blog.  The honest answer is that I've been avoiding it for two reasons.  First, I still couldn't decide on a name or theme.  The blog makeover is a work in progress, but I've settled on the name "All Things" inspired by one of my favorite friends, Carlee Stellfox Loya.  As she stated in comment to my last post, "I propose 'All Things' referencing Paul's 'I can do all things' where he's referring to his ability to be content.  Contentment is the tallest order of those with itchy feet.  You're in a season where contentment will not come easily - where you used to rely intensely on the Lord for safety and health in Kabul, in GH you need His strength to see purpose in your clean, comfortable (boring?) home and surroundings.  Only His contentment can keep you from resenting the very things you miss when you are out in the world!"  I love having people in my life that know me so well.  Please bear with me as I continue the reconstruction of the blog.

The second reason I've been avoiding this little space on the internet is a bit of a secret.  As this secret gets bigger, it becomes less and less of a secret.  On Sunday I'll be 19 weeks pregnant.  We've known our news since the end of 2009, but with our past losses we've been hesitant to be too open.  However, as I approach the halfway mark and realize that I can no longer attempt to hide my stomach, I feel that it's time to go public.  This pregnancy has been far different than any of my losses.  I've had very little to worry about, have been constantly sick, and I'm now feeling little kicks and punches from Baby Hawk.  Our due date is September 5th, our anatomy scan is April 28th, and we are finding out if we're having a boy or a girl.  And I think that covers it for now.

I would like to say that my revamped blog will not be a pregnancy blog or a mom blog.  I'm sure the topic will come up from time to time, and I'm certain I'll post about our newest addition as he/she will be an important part of the make up of Team Hawk.  But being pregnant and a mom (and all that entails) will not become the exclusive content.  Don't look for ultrasound pictures and bump pictures here, or stories about bodily functions and diaper contents.  That's not what I want to write about.


Erika said...

I am SO glad to hear of your baby! What a wonderful answer to prayer, we will be praying for you and for little Hawk. Blessings to you!

Celia said...

Congratulations Julie!! I'll be praying for you.

Tina said...

Congratulations. I have thought of you often over the last months as my sister has dealt with similar greif. I will be praying for this new little one, and hopefully, since you are home I can mybe meet him/her, if we do infact have a class reunion. God bless you on this amazing journey and thank you now for the lack of bodily function and diaper content stories!!