Thursday, October 8, 2009


As my friends in the states blog about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, changing weather, and sweaters; I blog about loving fall for Kabul reasons.  Nope, no PSL here (although we do have pumpkins!).  The weather is cold at night but still quite warm during the day.  And I hope to break out my sweaters before November.  But I heart fall because of these:

From I Heart Fall

Yes, those are pomegranates.  And yes, one of them is the size of a medium pumpkin.  And, my goodness they are delicious.    We get some great produce over here.  Mango season from June-August and pomegranate season from October-December are my favorites.

I've heard someone state that the pomegranate was that infamously forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.  I'm convinced that there is truth (and absolutely no legitimate evidence) to this claim.  I base my opinion on how outrageously tasty the pomegranate is and my conviction that God would never make a fruit so sensuously tasty and so frustratingly difficult to eat unless it had been lumped into the curse as part of the whole toiling and laboring for food.

So, while you all sip away at your nutmeg enhanced beverages, I'm over here picking my way through a pomegranate, all those little labyrinths of tasty seeds!  Fall's the best!


Dara said...

I wholeheartedly agree about the fruit thing and am jealous!

Sarah said...

I just bought a pomegranate just because you made it sound so good.

Sarah said...

Of course its not as big as the ones in your picture.