Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vacation Planning

We're going on vacation in a week and a half (I hope). This vacation was originally planned for the first two weeks of April and was going to be a leisurely stroll through the other stans (expect Pakistan, even we have some sense).  It got pushed back and pushed back.  And we added a trip to the states at the end for Joey's captain upgrade and to see family.  Then, after we had solidified our dates, we had problems with our Afghan visas and all the visas we needed to get.  So, Central Asia is out and the Caucasus are in.  Our new plan was to spend about 18 days traveling through Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and spend some time on a beach in Turkey before heading back to the states.  Today we found out that we've been pushed back a week.  So, here's the new vacation itinerary:

Turkey and the Black Sea Coast

We're hoping this itinerary makes it through the night.  Honestly, I won't believe we're going until we're on the ground in Baku soaking up the sun.

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Anonymous said...

so it's probably wrong of me to wish that your vacation gets pushed back until you're in Washington around the beginning/middle of August when I hope to be a Seattle resident?

yeah, that's pretty mean of me.