Friday, August 29, 2008

Has it really been 5 years?

Today I'm taking a little break from the usual topic of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Seven Labor Days ago I found myself filling a shift at the Young Life BBQ/Teriyaki booth at the Puyallup Fair with Kristalyn.  Among her other volunteers was her brother Joey.  Although we had met years before, well as Joey puts it, "I saw her over a vat of steaming rice. . ." Something about this encounter was different.  

(Juan Pedro, Joey, Me)

Today Joey and I are celebrating 5 years as Mr. and Mrs. The Hawk.  When I think back to our wedding, I don't remember a lot of the little details that consumed so much of my six months of planning.   I do remember with vivid clarity standing at the top of the aisle, holding my dad's arm, looking past the many smiling faces and seeing Joey waiting for me, ready to begin our adventure filled life together.

And what an adventure the last five years have been!  We've moved coast to coast, lived in Texas twice, and now find ourselves in Afghanistan of all places.  We've gone through the happys and sads and ups and downs that life has brought our way and grown closer, stronger, and more in love through it all.

We joke that our relationship began with nervous laughter, but I feel like we've haven't stopped laughing since that first moment at the fair seven years ago.  Even through some really sad stuff, Joey can always always always make me smile and this reminds me that there's always room for hope.

And here's the best part. . . the adventure's just the beginning!


Me said...

So lovely - even melts an old cynic like me.



Anonymous said...

I freaking love you guys! Thanks for letting me read your blog and share in your adventure!

Alicia said...

happy anniversary! 5 is a big number, and it's fun to think about how much you've been through together, but how much more you'll get to do still.

Here's to many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Julie. We were thinking of you today. We're praying for you.

Love, Andrew and Katie

C said...

Happy anniversary!!

Sarah said...

Happy belated anniversary. Yay for 5 years!!!